About Us

Rented Veil originated in Utica, NY back in the late ’80’s and we recorded our first album in 1991. The band disbanded not long after, unfortunately, for reasons too complex and personal to explain here.

In 2009, my musical partner and best friend, Dave Guertin,  passed away.

This website and all my musical energies moving forward have two purposes:

  1. To continue our original work of bringing the Good News of Jesus to a lost world
  2. To keep the memory of Dave alive – as his music and especially his lyrics were amazing and touched many people deeply, including myself

In addition to Dave Guertin’s music, we also endeavor to perpetuate the music of two other fallen brothers:

  • Dave Chapin, who was a close personal friend, excellent song writer, incredible singer and his music and energy are dearly missed
  • Lance Appleton, who I had the privilege to jam with a time or two. Lance’s music had anointing like no other and it humbles us to even have an opportunity to keep it going in active ministry